Lion Logo

The Logo Lion Story
The King of Beasts seems an unlikely symbol for a mild-mannered team of Internet professionals. But, the Lion that represents this company fits the JNetCreations mission like a glove. JNetCreations founder, Jeannette Shackelford chose this lion as her company’s symbol for two very good reasons.

The Lion of the Tribe of Judah
In Revelation the Bible refers to Jesus Christ as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. John compares the power and the authority of The King of kings to the King of Beasts. And since Jeannette has dedicated her company and all her success to the King of Kings, she thought it a fitting tribute to her Savior to represent His authority, and Kingship of her life in her business.

The Lion of the Florida wildlife sanctuary

On a recent trip to Florida the JNetCreations founder became acquainted with a real live lion, named, ironically enough, Judah. Jeannette spent enough time with Judah to be able to feed the lion out of her hand. She also got to play with Judah by roaring at him. Whenever she roared, he would roar back. Jeannette considers her friendship with the lively lion in the wildlife sanctuary as one of the highlights of her life.