Rave Reviews

I have been dealing with folks in business for more than 30 years. My associations have spanned the spectrum from corporate CEO’s to wage-an-hour workers. Never have I encountered someone who exhibits both abundant business savvy and strong business ethics as professionally and as pleasantly as Jeannette Shackelford and JNet Creations. 
As a client I ask a lot of questions. I need some hand holding at times. I expect patient service. I expect to be treated fairly and equally. And I expect those with whom I’m doing business to know what they’re doing, to do what they say they’ll do, and to appreciate me as a customer. Jeannette meets and exceeds all those expectations.
The Internet is brimming with web developers. But few, if any, can claim both the knowledge of their craft and the winning business charm and service of Jeannette Shackelford. I highly recommend her without reservation.
Steven Sawyer
Professional Writer

It is obvious that Jeannette knows what her divine purpose (mission) is and is living it! Her gifts and talents include the wisdom to tap into her client’s desires and provide them with wonderful service and an exceptional end product. I am grateful for the creativity, insight, and patience she provided a newcomer to the world of web design and am glad I made an “investment” for her services.

Evelyn Kaufman, Life Coach
Journey to Fullness
Life Coaching Services

Are you considering having a website for your camp, conference or retreat? I can assure you that building a site takes very good planning, time, patience and working with the right webmaster. That is why I want to recommend JNetCreations to you. Whether you are starting from scratch or already have good graphics and content, JNet’s owner, Jeannette Shackelford, can get your site up and running properly with the least stress.

I have never met Jeannette face to face, although Alice and I look forward to it some day. Jeannette works virtually with clients across North America. She is a committed Christian and an absolute delight to work with. I have had many occasions to trouble her with problems and what were to me, complex requests. She has met EVERY problem and challenge with a great attitude and patience that has left a lasting impression on me.

Whether you need web design, upgrading, maintenance or e-commerce, please give Jeannette a call. I think you will be glad you did. She is a full-time professional with big-time commitment. By the way, Jeannette’s logo shows her love for big cats. Check it out.

Gary Wood, Private Executive Coach
G. E. Wood & Associates

JNetCreations designed a web site for our construction company recently. We are so pleased with the results. Their representative listened to what we wanted, gave us ideas and gave us several designs to choose from. The final result turned out better than what we had imagined! The work was done in a very professional manner. JNetCreations was quick to respond to our questions and get the site online. It was a pleasure to work with them. We know our business will benefit from this web site.

ACI Contractors and Builders
Hinckley, IL

Jeannette is capable of developing ideas and brainstorming together with her clients to gather valuable options for their websites. She is a good listener and is able to visualize a clients desires. She is resourceful and will always search relentlessly to find an answer to questions posed by her clients. She is always on the cutting edge and keeps abreast of up and coming improvements and advancements in the technology field. She masters the newest technologies quickly and assimilates them immediately into client projects. Jeannette will always meet or beat a deadline and is timely with responses to her clients during the process. For these reasons and many more I consider her to be the best in the field!!

Cheryl VanderLaan
Health Visions
Physician Management

Blessings are not always as we perceive them to be in beautifully wrapped packages that meet our expectations. Blessings often come through people, circumstances, opportunities and yes, even challenges.
For us at Key Coaching Solutions, one of our blessings is in the form of a person. We don’t believe it was an accident that we connected with Jeannette Shackelford last summer when we were beginning work on our web page. Jeannette is not only our outstanding web designer but also a highly skilled individual who puts our words into the format of a monthly ecast. It’s a joy to endorse both the work and the person of one who loves the Lord.
Jeannette is very patient in working with someone who is a techno-dummy. She will take unlimited time to help you understand something. Is balanced in approaching work with both “people” and “things”. Understands quickly what you are attempting to do and offers suggestions to make it more effective.

Jeannette is a professional who knows what she’s doing, and she’s also a caring, spiritual person with a good sense of humor. Her work speaks for itself. Check out her site! She’s great to work with and delivers high quality products and service. It doesn’t get better than that. I’ve recommended her to several people and they have all been very satisfied.
What a great looking site, it really gives a nice 1st impression. Your homepage is a lot like you; it’s pleasing to the eye, clear in its presentation and easy to navigate. Well done Jeannette!!

JNetCreations is a wonderful service to enhance your business and leap into the web age. The high level of service, creativity and responsiveness all add up to a successful experience. I would highly recommend JNetCreations to any of my business professional associates.
Brian VanderLaan
Director of Business Development
Omni Plastics, Inc.

Jeannette’s attention to detail stands out in her websites. She is able to get the “look” that is so important when someone has but a few seconds to make an indelible impression!
My site is attractive, interesting, and very functional. The graphics on the home page draw the viewer’s interest into the rest of the site. The highlight is definitely the picture gallery, where a click on a small picture enlarges it for a better view. I am very pleased with the professionalism of my website.”
Linda Mosher
Bears Fur Real

Comments on the JUDY SANTOS website:

I went to what I thought was your website and WOW! I was impressed. Your new one looks great. It has a really powerful, professional look.
What a site! This is first class in every respect!
Your new site is fantastic! Classy and professional but warm too.

Jeannette, you are a dedicated, hard worker and your work ethics come shining through in just a few minutes of conversation with you.  Just have to tell you I LOVE what you did on the KCS logo and look.WOW! Love the font — and the sizes and the warmth of the e. You are awesome! PTL!